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We started swinging a few years before we ever started podcasting about it in 2006. Over the years we have had so many thrilling sexual adventures, we have met wonderful people that have enriched our lives but the most exciting thing has been living life to our fullest with each other no matter whether we swing or not. Life only hands you a matter of years, enjoy them with the people or especially the person that matters most.

We were First!

Yes, we were the first couple to start podcasting about the Lifestyle way back in 2005 and we enjoy hearing other's experiences whether they share it with us in public or private. We've never considered ourselves educators or professionals.  We're just a happily married, occassionally horny couple and we  get turned on when we hear others discussing their sexual experiences too.

John and Allie

We don't turn on the Mic every day, but we want too.


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