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Swinger info

Swingers Board
- A great (FREE) resource for swinger information and a great place to communicate with other swingers and those interested in swinging.

Swinger Dating Site

Lifestyle Lounge - A social community for dating, events, parties and information. We love LL and so do a lot of our friends. They offer a two week free trial.
Swinger communityKasidie - Who is Kasidie? Swingers, uninhibited sexually adventurous couples, singles and groups. Live a life less ordinary! Say hello once you join, we are "Swingercast".
Swingers Date ClubSDC - Join the millions of people that have already made SDC their online playground and have fulfilled their fantasies just by joining this community of sexy fun!
Swinger Dating SiteSLS - Start your sexual revolution. One of the oldest communities and therefore one of the largest. We've met many couples from all over the country that use this site. It is not as "state-of-the-art" as others but it works and is worth a try.

Swinger Podcast

Swapfu - It is not an advice podcast and they do not even pretend to give it.  If they do, it is done so inadvertently and should be promptly ignored.  The Fu's urge the listener to point out whenever the Fu's give advice, discuss religion or politics as the guilty party will be locked in a dog kennel and fed only via slingshot.
Swinger Podcast Lifestyle Life - A discussion of swinging from the perspective of an average married couple living in suburban America.
Love PodcastSavage Love Cast - Dan Savage answers your questions on the Internets.
Swinger PodcastSpaky's Open Source - A couple of young kids (in heart, anyhow) who want to open our minds, bodies and marriage to all that there is to offer. We want to form long and lasting friendships with like-minded people and help everyone out, if possible, along the way. We are not experts in ANY of the areas of which we speak. We are simply forming opinion and offering discussion based upon our own wayward meanderings.
Swinger PodcastMrnMsBhaven - One of the best things about making our show was making friends with Mr and Ms Bhaven. Check 'em out! 


Swinger Sex ToysPlay Passionssells swinger sex toysluxury sex toys and adult pleasure products.
Enter "Swingercast" at checkout for a discount.

Fun and Hot Stuff

fun sexy blog  Fun & Sexy.org - A sexy pair! They are boyfriend and girlfriend, and they make love/love making homemade amateur erotica. They "really enjoy sharing" their sex life, sexuality, and kinkiness.
 Non piercing nipple jewlry Nipple Charms - Beautiful non-piercing nipple jewelry.
Swinger Info Rebecca Ammon - Well behaved women rarely make history!

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