Calling It Quits

The Swinging Lifestyle is a loosely organized group of couples that enjoy adventurous sexual fun. There is no national organization of Swingers. We have no President, no Board of Directors, no Swinger Pride Parade.

There is not one, unifying entity on a national or international level that every couple can point to that says this is what THE Lifestyle is all about.  There is only A Lifestyle. Every couple decides how far and frequently they want to dip their toes in the hot tub. The couples are “members” of THE Lifestyle only via their choice to participate in A Lifestyle they have defined within their own comfort levels.

Most couples that I know would put the brakes on THE Lifestyle if their partner wanted to take a break or completely quit. Isn’t this the only healthy option?

Calling it quitsI mean, the only alternative is telling your partner that non-monogamy and THE Lifestyle is more important than your relationship. And if you are that type of person, the kind of guy or gal who would rather get your rocks off with others than your own partner, you probably should have stayed away from swinging from day one.

So, when is it time for a couple to quit? Whenever one half of the couple feels like that is the right decision. But hold on, not so fast…

Rather than telling other couples you are “quitting”, why not first say you are “taking a break”?  A “break” can be temporary or permanent. If you decide to never play with others again at least you can still socialize with your friends in whatever way you find appropriate. This could mean going to parties to hang out or simply keeping in touch via whatever method you feel comfortable.

When it is time to quit or take a break you will not owe any person or couple an explanation. The choices you make in this lifestyle are between you and your partner and don’t let anyone in THE Lifestyle tell you differently.


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#1 24Fun Rob 2011-05-19 17:27
What a great insight and even better articulation of the interaction in the modern world. The internet has worked wonders to democratize an amazing number of social groupings to include voluntary memberships such as THE Lifestyle. You and Allie are to be congratulated for opening social systems as well as minds. We just happen to be fortunate that great sexual fun is the context this time! ;-) All the best! Rob
#2 john 2011-05-19 22:20
Thanks Rob!

It sure beats the hell out of bowling...not there's anything wrong with that. :P

#3 24Fun Rob 2011-05-20 02:59
LOL! Bowling. Your incredible insights are exceeded only by your terrific wit! Melissa and I are eager to get further involved. Are there any trips coming up? We are primed for a Lifestyle beach vacation but a little uncomfortable with resorts in Mexico. I think going with a group would not only be great fun but would help us with getting the most out of our experiences. Anything brewing for Aruba or Jamaica? Rob
#4 john 2011-05-20 06:55

A group is definitely the way to go. We go to Desire again in April, dates will be announced soon.

If possible, try not to worry about what you hear about Mexico. Desire is situated in a remote location with guards at two different gates and is very secluded. Hell, there is even a moat with alligators. Seriously.

But if you are looking at Jamaica and Aruba check out our travel agent, Dream Pleasure Tours. They have groups going to places all over the world.

Best of luck and let us hear about your adventures.

#5 24Fun Rob 2011-05-20 12:46
Thanks John. We will!

#6 WII2LOVERS 2013-07-17 18:27
The wonderful thing about the lifestyle is the openness and acceptance of other persons (we play with SM and SF, as well as couples) in the lifestyle. Sometimes you have to go on a "break" due to family problems, and when your back it's like you never left. We have friends we only see once a year, but when we see them it seems like yesterday.

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