Party of Four, Your Table is Ready

So you’ve chatted with them online, exchanged photos and maybe had a few phone conversations.  It has taken weeks or maybe months to arrange dinner but the night has finally arrived.  (If you just read that last sentence and thought to yourself, “weeks? months?  Hell, I can arrange a dinner date in 10 minutes!” Please continue reading but send this author your phone number, we should do lunch.

Once you are all seated pay special attention to how your two hotties treat the wait staff.  I think it goes without saying that a couple that has agreed to meet you will probably (hopefully?) bend over backwards to impress you.  But there is always that one guy or girl, who no matter how hard the wait staff tries, will never be happy.  If the waiter can’t please them at the dinner table, you might have the same trouble in bed.

Tags: first date ~ Lifestyle

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