Pleased to meet you, Hope you guess my name

What's in a Name?

I'm sitting on the patio of a swing club. It is a warm evening and I'm enjoying my last few bites of pineapple salad while watching my wife flirt with a couple from across the room. I feel a set of hands reach around my face to cover my eyes. Next, a friendly kiss is planted on my cheek, then the hands are released from my eyes and I'm met with a sultry welcoming voice, "Hi John!"

It's her! It''s that girl that helped me have a tremendous orgasm some nights ago. The one that kissed me while we went down on my wife together. I can remember how delicious she was in bed. I can remember how her toes curl when she orgasms. I can remember her favorite sports team, what she drinks, where her kids go to school...but for the life of me, I cannot remember her name!

I've heard many people say that it is easier to remember someone's name if you say it out loud twice when you meet them. Something very robotic like, "Hi, I'm John. Oh nice to meet you Mack. So what do you do Mack?"

But oh hell no, this rule doesn't always work. My wife, her husband and myself probably SCREAMED her name out at least a dozen times a few nights ago and I STILL cannot remember her name.

Is it rude to tell her I forgot her name? Probably not, but how do I properly frame the question?

"I'm sorry, I know we've had sex recently, but I can't seem to remember your name just right now."

I probably won't have to worry about asking the question because I feel like any second she is going to drop the bomb on me. "John, you don't remember my name do you?" If she says that, I'm prepared. I'll use humor and reply, "Of course not, Henrietta". I don't think I've ever met a Henrietta so hopefully this is a safe bet.

Freedom from this sticky situation is only a few feet away. My wife is still chatting with the other couple so I could just excuse myself, go ask my wife what to call this lovely lady and be done with it...BUT her hand is on my leg now and I like where the conversation is headed. If I wait it out long enough, maybe we'll end up naked again and I'll hear her husband say or scream her name out loud and I'll be off the hook.

A few minutes later I am saved. She stands up and says, "Alan and I are going to play upstairs. Hope to see you there."


Alan? Thanks but I already knew that. Seconds later, my wife returns. I ask her, "Baby, why didn't you come over and join us?"


To which she replies, "I wanted to, but I felt awkward because I couldn't remember that girl's name".

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